Sana’a Microfinance Program (Azal) was established in October 2001 as a result of a partnership between SOUL for Development and the Social Fund for Development SFD, to contribute to the poverty reduction efforts in Yemen. This program offers a good opportunity for people especially women and youth to improve or start their own income generating activities.


To be a leading SME financing institution in Yemen.


To empower the low-income individuals and households in Yemen by providing financial and nonfinancial services, which will contribute to the sustainability of Azal institution.


1.  To provide efficient financial services that meet the financial needs and expectations of our customers. 

2.   To increase our outreach to the rural and urban areas in Yemen through new branches and through partnership with other local actors. 

3.   To achieve financial sustainability and improve business working environment. 


Our Partners

Our Branches

  • Amanat Al-Asemah

    MaeenBranch-Amman Street next to the University of Modern Sciences
    +967 1 469921
  • Al-Mahweet

    Mahweet Branch -Sana'a St.
    +967 7 401798
  • Sana'a

    ALryadh Branch -Taiz Rd, Sana'a
    +967 1 612037
  • Amanat Al-Asemah

    10/5000 Geyman Branch-Zaid Bin Sultan Street
    +967 1 320453
  • Amran

    Amran Branch -Amran
    +967 7 614671
  • Dhamar

    Meabar Branch -Meabar
    +967 6 431274
  • Ibb- Yareem

    Yareem Branch-Yareem City
    +967 4 502384
  • Al-Hodidah - Al Qanawis

    Wadi Moore Branch Hadidah City
  • Al-Hadidah - Bajil

    Bajil Branch Hadidah -Bajil