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Target Group:

Women owning Micro-projects within Azal outreach (between 3-7 members)

Target Sector:

Financing income-generating activities i.e textile and tailoring, fashion design, coiffeur, frankincense manufacturing, and other small food processing activities.


50,000 YRs – 200,000 YRs for each group

Loan Maturity:

4 - 24 months


Various schemes i.e Solidarity guarantee + Business guarantee for the whole group.

Murabaha Rate:

2% monthly

Loan eligibility check:

  1. Must be Yemeni national.
  2. Each one should not be less than 18 years old.
  3. Have a valid ID.
  4. They must have good reputations and capable of doing their stated business. 
  5. Be able to provide the relevant guarantee.



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